Complete Call System Solutions

Call systems in today’s long term care, assisted living, and hospital environments reach facets of the business that yesterday’s platforms never dreamed possible. We provide resident caregivers, facility management and business marketing teams with increased accessibility, visibility and reporting.



Wireless call systems are becoming increasingly popular as cost decreases and AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) acceptance increases. Inform, a wireless call system delivered exclusively by Riverview Service, Inc., brings all of the value of traditional wireless call systems (short deployment time, extremely flexible, highly available) but also delivers added features that traditional platforms do not; such as increased collaboration via smart handsets and advanced reporting and tracking functionality.


Peace of Mind

Wander management systems, or in its most basic form elopement notification systems, have become an integral part of operations in long-term care environments over the years as facilities seek to constantly achieve and more safe and secure environment for their residents. Riverview Service has been engineering and installing these types of systems since its conception, and would love to show you the peace of mind that comes with having your critical points of entry or exit monitored.


Complete System Integration

Integrating wander management or access control platforms into your emergency call system can increased overall situational awareness across a community and go a long way toward preventing consequential resident elopements. Riverview Service has successfully integrated the inform emergency call system with many different platforms, giving pertinent community personnel real-time visibility into possible breaches at protected exits.


Streamlined Reporting

Having actionable data from your emergency call system available via quick, streamlined reports, is almost too beneficial to chart in a long-term care environment. Administrators are able to leverage this information when billing for services rendered, conducting performance reviews with personnel, or even marketing average response times when residents under their care need assistance; we are eager to provide your community with tools designed to increase operational visibility while decreasing workloads associated with fielding and documenting service requests.

Solutions at a Glance...

We provide reliable emergency call system tools that increase accessibility, visibility and reporting.

  • Real-time Collaboration & Tracking
  • Productivity Measurements
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Security Implementation
  • Maintain Home-Like Atmosphere
  • Call System Integration
  • Increased Accessibility & Visibility
  • Wander Management Solutions

Emergency Call Solutions